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Yi Lei exhaled, his face a cheerful lot, rather Brother, I know I do not deserve you, but later remark out, I was more comfortable. Lei Yi finished, toward the door. She felt very CASP comfortable, at least the whole process of Nanjing City, killing the child, she related in the side, at least she will own words out. Yi Lei. Lei Yi Ning city stopped, I will not say another CompTIA Certification word, after we did not meet again. Yi Lei turned around, her face with a relaxed expression, that means I know. I want to give you a suggestion, do not go after Jia Beisi defense, and if you can, to withdraw from the Union. Insect things will be resolved. Union inside, this is not for you to be alone. Ningcheng slowly He said. Ningcheng words like a long time, he will not withdraw from the Union guess Lei Yi, he said these words he could not help out. I know, even if you do not say, I will not stay in the league. After you refuse to heal Jia Beisi defense, I understand many things. Do not worry, I m not as stupid as you think. Yi Lei smiled. Nanjing City sigh, take out a two edged dagger and a book handed Yi Lei CASP it exam said, This weapon is one yuan you take it, do not let others see. And this present book, I was in another place get weapons cultivation practices, I m fine to write down.

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP
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