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CLOG Logo   The National Clogging Organization: CLOG, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the promotion, education, enhancement, and preservation of American Clog Dance. CLOG, Inc. continually strives to better serve the clogging community by supporting worldwide clogging activities, communications, and events.

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Double Toe Times     Double Toe Times - The Magazine of Clogging: The Double Toe Times was the monthly magazine for clog dancers around the world from 1983 - 2017. The magazine ceased publication in 2017. You can enjoy featured articles reprinted with permission from the Double Toe Times.

Cue Sheets:


Order clogging shoes in "white" with buck taps installed.

  • Carl's Clogging Supplies - (864) 944-8125
    • Catalog - order either of these with buck taps installed
      • Hoedowner (tapered)- Women's
      • or
      • Freestyler (wider)- Children, Men, Women
  • Steven's Stompers - 1-800-544-7824
    • "Stompers" (Ms., Mr., kids) with buck taps installed

Programs and tips to slow down (or speed up!) music and video's!


  • Find the beats per minute
    • all8
    • songbpm
    • iTunes: If you can't see the BPM column in iTunes, click 'view', 'show view options', and make sure Beats Per Minute is checked.
  • Recommending music: If you hear a song you'd like to recommend, the Shazam (browser extension or app) can often be used to identify the title and artist.


To slow down any YouTube video (steps, teach, or a dance):

  • Click:
    • the "gear"
    • playback speed
    • then choose the speed
  • If the speed you need isn't available, click:
    • custom (under Playback speed)
    • enter the speed

BRC Cue Sheets, Music, and Videos (Members Only)

Steps and Video's - what step will you learn today?

Airplane – see chain (video)
Basic – ds rs (video)
Basketball Turn / Pivot Turn – s s (often turning 1/2 or 1/4) (video)
Billy D – s ds s dbl-h lift (video)
Birmingham – s dbl s s dbl s s b up ds ds rs (video)
Black Mountain – ds h h flang b up (video)
Boogie Bouncer – dbl b b h s h s out together up (video)
Brush ((br)) – ds h up (video)
Brush Over Vine – ds br(up) ds rs ds ds(xib) ds rs (video)
Bubble Gum- dbl-down dr dr dr (video)
Buck - Intro (video)
Buck basic 2 (video)
Buck Joey (video) 
Buck Triple (video)
Bunny Basic – bounce bounce lift ds rs (video)
Canadian Basic – ds dbl hop tch (video)A
Casanova – ds dbl(b) t-h(xib) rs t-h(xib) rs ds br(up) (video)
Chain /Push Off – ds rs rs rs (video)
Charleston – ds tch(f) t-h tch(b) (video)
Charleston Brush – ds tch(f) tch(b) br(up) (video)
Cinnamon Roll – ds sl s ds ds sl s hop h-t s dbl up (video)
Clamato – ds slur s ds ds(xif) s s rs br(up)(video)
Clogover – ds ds(xif) ds ds(xib) ds ds(xif) ds rs (video)
Clogover Break & Dig – ds ds(xif) ds ds(xif) ds ds(xif) h h up (video) (advance version)
Clogover Turn / Triple Loop & Fancy Double – ds ds(xif) ds loop s ds ds rs rs (video)
Cowboy – ds ds ds br up ds rs rs rs (video)
Cowboy Spank – ds ds ds br(f) br s br s br s br s (video)
Cowboy Pullback – ds ds ds br up ds s br-s s br-s br-s tch up (video)
Cowgirl – ds ds ds br(up) th rs ds ds (video)
Crazy Lucy – ds sk(up) th(xif) tch(b) h (video)
Crimp Burton – ds t t h h rs sk(up) br s (video)
Crossover Rock – ds dbl(xif) dbl(o) rs (video)
Broken Glass – dbl-fl h up (video)
Dog Paddle – hop s(xib) hop s(xib) hop s(xib) rs (video)
Double Step / Lick / Runs – ds (video)
Double Basic – ds ds rs (video)
Double Heel Rock – ds ds h s rs (video)
Double Rock ‘n’ Pull – ds dbl (up) r h dr s (video)
Eric – ds dbl(up) r h rs (video)
Fancy Double – ds ds rs rs (video)
Fireball – dbl tch tch ds rs (video)
Fireball Pull – ds dbl tch tch r-h s (video)
Flea Flickers – ds dbl h dbl h dbl h (video)
Finn – ds(xib) r hs t(up) snap s (vide0)
Ghostbuster – ds dbl(xif) dbl(0) b b b b-h br ds rs (video)
Half Tappin’ – ds dbl rs dbl rs dbl rs (video)
Hard Step / Flatlander – dbl(b) h br(up) ds rs (video)
Heel Chain – ds h-t s h-t s h-t s (video)
Joey – ds b(xib) b(o) b(o) b(xib) b(o) s (video)
Buck Joey (advance video)
Karate / Chug-A-Lug – ds k s br(up) (video)
Karate Rock Brush – ds k(turn) rs br(up) (video)
Laura’s Way – s ds(xif) s s(o) s(xif) s h-lift ds rs dr(up) (video)
Layover – ds ds(xif) s rs (video)
Liberty – ds dbl hop t(b) t(b) s dbl hop t(b) t(b) s dbl hop t(b) s dbl hop t(b) hop (video)
Little Red – ds rs dr s rs dr s rs ds rs (video)
Long Charleston Brush – ds tch(f) th(b) tch(b) tch(f) th(b) rs br(up) (video)
Loop Basic / Western Basic – ds loop s ds rs (video)
Louisiana / Drag Back and Turn – ds ds dr s dr s sl s sl s (video)
Lucy – ds br(up xif) th tch(up) h (video)
Kentucky Loop Vine – ds hop s(xif) ds loop s(xib) ds hop s(xif) ds rs (video)
McNamara – ds b(o) b(xib) b(o) h(o) b(o) b(xib) b(o) h(o) (video)
Mountain Basic – s dbl(up) ds rs (video)
Mountain Goat -ds rs(xif) rs(o) b sl (video)
MJ – ds ds(xib) r(o) h t s rs ds ds rs (video)
MJ Gypsy - ds ds(xib) r(o) h t s rs dbl rs dbl rs (video)
Mr. Haney Vine – s ds(xif) rs(xib) rs(xif) h h rs ds ds (video)
Only Wanna – ds dbl(up) b b b-h (video)
Outhouse – ds tch(o) tch(xif) tch(o) (video)
Outhouse Toe Heel -ds tch(o) tch(xif) t h (video)
Over the Log – s s clap s s clap (video)
Pothole / Pigeon Lift – dbl out in up (video)
Restless Joey – ds dr s h s ds b(xib) b(o) b(o) b(xib) b(o) s (video)
Reverse Slur / Dirty Toes – ds dr dr dr up (video)
Rock-Namera – r h s s(xib) (video)
Rocking Chair – ds br up ds rs (video)
Rockstep- rs (video)
Rooster Run – ds ds(xif) rs(xif) rs(xib) ds ds(xif) rs(xif) rs(xib) (video)
RT Turn – ds dbl(b) t h br(up) tch(xif) tch(o) ds rs (video)
Sam Rock Heel / Sammy Rock Heel – ds ds(xif) dr s dr s r h s ds rs (video)
Samantha – ds ds(xif) dr s dr s rs ds ds rs (video)
Samantha Toe Heel – ds ds(xif) dr s dr s rs ds t-h t-h (video)
Sammy Rock Brush – ds ds(xif) dr s dr s rs ds rs br(up) (video)
Short T-Step – ds ds ds br hop rs(xif) hop (video)
Showoff – ds rs in-out bounce down (video)
Simone – dbl(b) br(up) tch(xif) tch(xif) tch(o) tch(xif) ds rs (video)
Simone Stomp – ds ds s s dr sl (video)
Slam – ds br(around) rs(o) rs(xib) rs(o) br(up) ds rs (video)
Slur – ds t(half circle) s (video)
(advance version)
Slur Vine – ds t(half circle) s ds ds(xif) ds t(half circle) s ds rs (video)
Slur Vine Rock – ds ne – ds t(half circle) s ds ds(xif) ds t(half circle) s rs rs (video)
Soccer Turn – ds dbl(up) ds rs (video)
Sonic Rhythm – ds dbl s tch s dbl s tch lift (video)
Stagger Lee – dbl-h t(xif) h rs (video)
Step Brush Triplet / Stomp Brush Triplet – s br(up) s dbl rs (video)
(advance version)
Stomp Double – s ds ds rs (video)
Stomp Double Advanced – (video)
Stompy Thing (Happy Dance) – s ds(xif) b b b b-h h b b b-h h s rs (video)
Swing Basic – ds rs ks rs ks rs ds rs (video)
Syncopated- s dbl rs dbl rs (video)
T-Step – ds ds ds ds ds br hop rs(xif) hop (video)
Tell Mama – ds br(xif) ds br(xif) ds t(xib) s(b) ds rs (video)
Tennessee – ds h h t t (video)
Tennessee Basic / Daydream – ds h h t t h h t s rs (video)
Time Bomb or Time Step – s(xif) s(b) s(o) s(xif) s(b) s(o) s(xif) (video)
Toe Tapper – ds tch dbl t h (video)
Travel Clog -ds(f) pull s s s(f) pull s s s(f) br up ds rs (video)
Triple – ds ds ds rs (video)
Triple Brush – ds ds ds br up (video)
Triple Crazy Chug – ds ds ds k rs ds rs k (video)
Triple Stomp – ds ds ds s s (video)
Turkey – h t s(xib) ds rs (video)
Turkey Run – h s(xib) r-h s(xib) (video)
Twisty Bounce – dbl twist dbl twist dbl twist twist twist (video)
Unclog – stamp s sk(up) (video)
Utah Rocker – ds br(up) ds rs rs br(up) ds rs (video)
Vine Ankle Break – ds ds(xif) ds ds(xib) s(f) s(b) s(f) ds rs (video)
Walk It – ds ds dr s dr s rs ds ds rs (video)
Walk Over Joey – ds ds(xif) dr s(xib) s(o) s(xif) (video)
Walk the Dog – ds ds h h rs (video)
3-2-1 – ds ds ds dbl(up) dbl(up) ds rs br(up) (video)
8-Count Donkey ds tch(xif) tch(o) tch(xif) tch(o) tch(xib) ds rs (video)